Lalitha Mandana

Lalitha is a born teacher. Her love for children and understanding of their individual spirit comes not only from the experiences in her simple yet rich life but also from five decades of working with children. When she founded Promise Centre in 1990, she had already worked as a kindergarten teacher in different parts of India. In subsequent years word spread about her unconventional teaching methods, her superlative understanding of the true nature of children and the personal care she extended made it a space that children enjoyed and parents yearned for their children to be in. Her own childlike curiosity still keeps her an active participant in the activities and events at the school. Lalitha leads parent education at Promise Centre and is a trustee on the board at Advaya Shaale, the second Waldorf Grade School in Bangalore.

Jyotsna Mandana
Principal and Lead Teacher

Jyostna has education running through her veins, it is her true calling. When you see her with the children is when you realise that education is an art, and the teacher an artist. After majoring in Literature and Psychology she completed her pre primary training in Montessori education and spent a decade teaching in Montessori and mainstream schools. In 2004, she joined her mother, Lalitha at Promise Centre. In spite of adopting the practices from all the available systems of education, something still seemed amiss. Its at a conference in 2005 that she first came across Waldorf education and realised that Lalitha had all along been practising the principles of Waldorf education. From then on there was no looking back for her. She then attended every possible Waldorf training session there was at Hyderabad, which is where the Waldorf system took root in India.

From 2005 to 2007 Promise Centre operated as a Waldorf inspired kindergarten until Jyostna led us into becoming a full fledged Waldorf Kindergarten. In 2008, at the behest of parents at Promise Centre to start a Waldorf grade school, Jyostna went on to pursue Waldorf grade school training and carried the children in Bangalore Steiner School from grades 1-3 with her own children moving from grades 3-7. In 2013, she returned to Promise Centre and started the Waldorf Early Childhood Education training program that is open to aspiring teachers, parents at the school and any individual who wants to understand Waldorf education. In 2011, she attended a three-year foundation course in curative education and social therapy through Friends of Camphill India. She is a core group member in South India of Sadhana, Association of the Indian Waldorf Kindergarten. She delivers lectures based on concerns in the kindergarten, with a view to make the kindergarten an active parent community, to spread the wealth of Waldorf education and invite parents to conscious parenting. Jyotsna is a core group member at Advaya Shaale.