Curative Education

At Promise Centre, we believe that, a quality education is for everyone, and all children are the same the world over. Every child must be given opportunities to grow and realise their potential and that’s why we admit 1 differently abled child for every 10 children.

Curative education is an individualistic and holistic approach to educating children with intellectual and developmental challenges. Although initiated by Rudolf Steiner, it is Dr. Karl König who developed it further. Dr. König is the founder of the Camphill movement, an international movement of therapeutic communities for people with special needs.

Every child has strengths of his own and in essence what curative education does is hone the unique skills and nourish the soul of the child. In the world we live in anything that is outside the description of normal is considered an abnormality simply because it can’t be made sense of. In trying to heal the so-called abnormality, more often than not what is driven out of the child is his natural gift.

Children with special needs can’t hide their true feelings and it is there for everyone to see unlike the so-called normal children who, like us adults know to hide their emotions. This quality of absolute honesty makes all children in the kindergarten comfortable with them. The presence of children with special needs sensitises everyone who shares the environment with them and that’s why we try to integrate the children all together. While they honour each other’s differences they all follow the same rhythm at the kindergarten with no exception.

In the education of such a child, the primary goal of the teacher and the parent is to look at things as they are and keenly observe the child to understand his strengths. It is through this observation and intuition that we prepare a plan and arrive at suitable methods through which to work with each child. These methods are revised through continuous assessments during the course of the year.

The child is assisted so as to develop a healthy sense of self thereby making the child more capable of developing meaningful social relationships. The aspects of the body, soul and spirit that are out of sync are brought back into equilibrium through artistic expression. All activities are adapted to suit the child’s specific needs and presented in a way that it remains a meaningful experience for the child.

What is important to understand is that all of us have a special need, its just more evident in some of us. We all communicate in different ways. Understanding each child’s distinctive language is the key to working with them.