Home Remedies for Fever and Sore Throat

For a fever

Lemon Foot Bath
Fill a large bucket with hot water (as hot as the child can bear) and keep the bucket at the foot of the bed. Place the child’s leg right up to the knees in the bucket and cover the child with a warm blanket while seated. Then submerge the lime into the bucket and make deep vertical slits in the lime and squeeze the lime till it is completely pulverised, all at the bottom of the bucket. Take a large towel and cover the open mouth of the bucket and the child’s knees. The concoction in the bucket will generate a lot of heat. The towel will help retain that heat. The lime has quality to absorb infections. Keep the child seated like that covered with a blanket in a warm room, keep the windows closed and curtains drawn. Keep the child seated till water becomes tepid then remove the legs and dry them very well. Apply Vicks ointment on the feet and put on a thick pair of socks up till the knees. Do this twice a day, after breakfast and send the child straight to bed and then before bed at night. Tie warm towel to the back and front of the chest, it’s a wonderful expectorant.

For a Sore throat
At the start of the discomfort mild/warm saline gargling. If its far gone not too strong an extract of ginger boiled in water, to be sipped on and off. Pure juice of one lime to be taken like a shot of tequila morning and evening on an empty stomach. Soak fine slices of fresh ginger in pure honey for a few hours and keep sucking on a slice on and off. You can chew and consume these slivers if you like. Lime ginger and honey are also therapeutic. Turmeric in milk.

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